New Job, New Ideas

Firstly I’d like to share something with you , something I’ve worked pretty hard on! It is a project/ piece of coursework where we were asked to present an idea that we would like to implicate into a primary school, as if in a staff meeting. I took this opportunity to be a bit creative and based this project on environmental education. So along came World Conservation Day! I put forward the idea of a school having one day off timetable to look at the world we live in, local conservation issues, world wide conservation issues and finding out about the people who make conservation happen. I have planned and resourced an activity for every year group, linking closely to cross curricular attainment targets from the new Primary National Curriculum.

This is something I have become passionate about and feel sad that I am unable to put this into practice, in the near future anyway. Therefore I have uploaded the PowerPoint that gives a brief outline of the day and why it would be a highly beneficial day for children. I have also uploaded a more detailed essay, explaining the activities in more detail and the underlying theory.

I have done this in the upmost hope that someone takes and uses the idea! If you teach and you like any of the given activities please use them! Or if you are really inspired by the day please implement the entire day! All I ask is that you contact me before hand so I can share with you the resources I have found to go with it; including a fantastic activity from Steve Van Matre’s brilliant book Rangers of the Earth, which is a great way to introduce the day to the children. Also if you do use any of these activities, feedback would be truly appreciated!

Of course, if you aren’t a teacher but like the idea, feel free to pass it on! Any feedback would be wonderful.

World Conservation Day Detailed Summary

World Conservation Day Power Point

On another note. I started my job as a presenter at Paignton Zoo on Friday. A few days in and this job has already brought up many different feelings; honoured, excited, overwhelmed. Firstly the good bits! This is my first ever ‘real’ job (excluding years of babysitting and part time waitressing), so you can forgive me for acting like a kid in a candy shop when I was told that I have my own desk and email address! I met my colleague for the summer, who is incredibly likeable and even more bubbly and excitable than myself (did not realise this was possible)!
However this was also where the feeling of being in over my head set in. My new colleague is far more qualified than myself, with experience in all kinds of positions in zoos. Therefore there is a little bit of me that just hopes I wont be holding him back this summer! My second worry is my university studies. I am writing my dissertation for May and I have to admit, fitting academic studies in around work is going to prove difficult.
But that said, I work hard, I learn quick and I am so honoured be an employee of such a zoo that there is no doubt that I will be putting 100% into this! I just need to make sure that my academic studies do not slip in the process.

A very influential teacher on my last placement once told me that I thrive on stress… Let’s hope she’s right!


3 thoughts on “New Job, New Ideas

  1. Great stuff Pops. As you already know the future of the natural world is with children. Great ideas for the Conservation day.
    I’m sure you will be up to speed at Paignton Zoo very, very quickly. It will be great working with someone so experienced I’m sure you will learn from each other.

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