Save the Macaque!


I may have mentioned previously, yanno maybe once or twice, that my favourite animal in the world is a Sulawesi Crested Black Macaque.

So for the last couple of weeks, conservation club have been learning all about these majestic little critters. 😀

The year 6s researched the monkeys looking at their behaviour, habitat and diet, leading to them also falling very much in love with the mohawked characters! The children also looked at why they are so critically endangered and what people in Sulawesi are doing to help. So this clearly included the fantastic charity, who I am in upmost support of, Selamatkan Yaki. ( http://selamatkanyaki.com/ )

The children learnt about how education is so important for the children in Sulawesi and that Selamatkan Yaki teach them all about their local monkeys! They were so inspired by the work that of course, they wanted to help! So we decided that we could make an education video, to help teach others about the Sulawesi Crested Black Macaque.

After some more research and working very hard on an effective script, this is what they came up with…

(Please bare in mind the children only had 2 half hour sessions to make this video)

The children have been very brave in making this video, so any feedback for them would be very much appreciated. Thank you 🙂

Save the Macaque!


Why am I here?

There are endless contexts and answers for this question. Firstly I’ll take the most obvious:

Why am I blogging?

Well, certainly not because I am a technological wiz! So let me introduce myself…
My name is Poppy Gitsham and I am currently an undergraduate student at Plymouth University, studying a BEd Primary, specialising in science.
During travels I stumbled across the world of conservation, animal and outdoor education, at this point I also discovered an absolute passion in this area of teaching.

I will use this blog to upload things I am getting involved in to help pursue my career as effectively as possible! For instance: University projects, conferences, volunteering, work and school clubs.
As an example; at the moment I am currently undertaking a research project into how Sulawesi macaque behaviour is effected by enrichment at Paignton Zoo, so I will post updates and results.
Other things that I am involved in, in the near future include: A presentation for a ‘world conservation day’ to be implemented in primary schools for a university project and attending an education conference at Dartmoor Zoological Park.
Finally I will post any useful teaching resources or interesting snippets of news I find.

Therefore I would absolutely love as much advice and feedback as possible! Is the information useful? Are the resources affective? Or is it all a load of tosh? Could you recommend other resources or events I could get involved in?

So, that’s what the blog is for, time to get a bit deeper…

Why am I here?
For a long time it has worried me that children lack enthusiasm and knowledge about the natural world, from their back garden to the great African planes. This was demonstrated all too well during a recent lesson of mine. On asking my class ‘Where does ivory come from?’ the answers ranged from mining to growing on trees, but not a single mention of elephants. Shocking at first, but on further thought, where are children meant to gain this information if it is not being presented to them in any form?
I feel that it is the responsibility of educators to introduce children to, and let them explore the natural world. This can be done from taking them to the local park to zoos (preferably motivated by conservation rather than money, e.g. BIAZA approved) to see exotic wildlife. If this is done effectively there is no need to ‘teach’ children to appreciate the natural world, awe and wonder will do the job for you!
This is my aim, to enable children to become enthusiastic about looking after our planet and the animals on it. To make them aware of some of the main conservational issues such as palm oil, but more importantly teach them about the incredible things people are doing to help.

But most of all, I would like children to believe that they CAN make a difference!

“People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure” – David Attenborough