It’ll be alright on the night!

Stressful doesn’t quite cover the last few weeks!
Recently Paignton Zoo advertised a Presenter job; as this had a similar job description as my internship I jumped at the opportunity.
After re-writing my cover letter at least 10 times I hesitantly sent it off and sat in wait!
3 weeks later I had the wonderful email informing me that I had an interview, however it turned out that my fellow interns had not. Understandably this gave me some very mixed emotions; proud that I’d managed to get one, sad that if I got the job that I would not be in the company of current friends and nervous because clearly the competition was tough. In fact I later discovered that 96 applied, and 9 got interviews.
We were told that during the interview we would perform a talk as if we were doing so in the zoo. Therefore I thought it would be sensible to use the cheetah talk that I helped write last year, which involves getting the audience to run rather quickly on the spot! Even though I used to present this talk nearly every day last summer, in practice I struggled to remember it.
By some miracle it all came together in the interview and half an hour later I got a phone call telling me I had the job!
I am absolutely astonished and cannot wait for the summer to begin. It is just that bit of confirmation that I am on the right track!
Therefore I am pleased to say that I will be posting about outdoor education days I am involved in, new talks and any other exciting days at work. With previous experience at Paignton Zoo I am pretty sure these days will not be few and far between!

So there you go, when you wish upon the right star (and add a fair bit of hard work), dreams do come true. 🙂


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